PARTY TIME (Short Ver.) Sign Up Now!!

If you are a project member and want so sign up to sing PARTY TIME by Guardians 4, please comment on this post πŸ˜€

This are the open parts:

*Aika Mitsu Took by rcb2418

*Yurina Kumai Took by lilxicanita

*Saki Nakajima Took by Kannychan21

The song will be the OP for YOROSHIKU PARTY!

The first member that claims a role will get the role she/he wanted πŸ˜€


11 Responses to “PARTY TIME (Short Ver.) Sign Up Now!!”

  1. Kanny-chan Says:

    :D! Me totally

    I’ll be Aika, or Yurina πŸ™‚ which ever

  2. meche Says:

    I wanna be yurina kumai plz

  3. rcb2418 Says:

    Can I have Mitsui Aika’s role?

  4. meche Says:

    when is the due date for our dub?

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