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Riixan will graduate the project DDD:

November 10, 2009

It´s official.




Riixan will graduate 😦

She was a very important member under Yoroshiku! Project that participated in great units such as KiRiN and Trix. She also was a very active egg and had the chance to sing in the Egg Shinjin Koen.

This is her official message posted in the forum:

Well, I’m graduating, because I actually don’t have time to sing the projects….and I have usually been ill, so I can’t do it.

Bye bye~

We have lost a great star.

We are planning to do a graduation single for Riixan.

Please keep supporting Riixan and Yoroshiku! Project.

Riixan, you will be missed ~


The new berryz will graduate from eggs

October 19, 2009

Yes, it´s confirmed.

The new VeryBerryz members Elena and Yuri will graduate from Yoroshiku! Eggs.

This means they will stop their participation in the Shinjin Koen.

Please keep supporting both current egg members.

M-Line Club has cancelled auditions

October 14, 2009

Yoroshiku Project´s brother project The M-Line Club has cancelled it´s auditions.

The thing is the project (M-Line) will not accepting new members at the time.

Instead, at the end of this year, a mass graduation from Yoroshiku! Members will be announced. This graduated members will move to the M-Line Club-

Please understand and support this decission.



Kakkoiko to leave the project…

October 6, 2009

Complete shock…

Kakkoiko will graduate from dubbing and that also means she is graduating the project :O

This were her words:

“Hi everyone,

I have some bad news…

I´m going to stop dubbing

and I´m going to delete my account.

You guys are awesome and I love you all :)´´

So sad…

There´s nothing left to do but thank you Kakkoiko for having a great voice and giving your support to the project 😀

Please keep supporting her and Yoroshiku! Project.

Official Message:

This also means that all the works she was to be in are now postponed. (this includes her participation in YOROSHIKU PARTY! and the Fall Shuffle units she was in.)

Seaira-chan to leave the project

September 25, 2009

Seaira-chan (Lilspiritgurl) will graduate the project with the realease of Neko Musume´s new Single Mikan. 

She decided because she had a busy life and she had many reasons.

But please continue to support Seaira-chan!^-^

Mikan will be something that you must not miss!

Please keep supporting Seaira-chan and Yoroshiku! Project


Some nostalgic video by her: