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October 5, 2009

Yoroshiku! Project will have a new YouTube show now called YOROSHIKU PARTY, it will replace Yoropuro Talk Show however there are alot of original ideas of what will happen in the show 😀

This will be featured in the show:

*Yoropuro Talk

It´s practically the same but now it will be in the show in short segments.

*Yoroshiku! Project Live 2010 Winter GO! GO! GO!

The concert will be broadcasted in this show.  This is the main segment where all the members will make an appereance!

*Pocky Ranking

This will be a top 5 segment of the most popular releases within Yoroshiku! Project.

*Fashion Advice

A YoroPuro member will tell us his/her fashion advice.

*Party Shuffle

Yoroshiku! Project members will be in shuffle units where they´ll sing short versions of songs 😀


KiRiN☆彡 will sing Bravo! Bravo! as the ending song of the show.