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YoroPuro Talks! Episode 3

October 13, 2009

The third and last episode of this fun YT show has been released.

I have put more effort to this one as I know that it is the last.

The talks will contine as a segment in YOROSHIKU PARTY!

Main Segment:

Lilxicanita´s answer:


Kitagami Mimi Audition

October 11, 2009

If you are a project member and want to cover Kitagami Mimi (CV Ogawa Mana) just post a comment here and I will choose the person thet fits her the best 😀

The debut song performed will be Daisuki Ni Nare!

People that audition but don´t win will sing the short version of the song together in YOROSHIKU PARTY! in it´s second episode.

*The winner of this audition will also be the Mechamote Iinchou (More info of the role soon.)

YOROSHIKU PARTY! Official YouTube Channel

October 7, 2009

As each episode of YOROSHIKU PARTY! will be divided in 3 parts I have decided to make a channel where I´ll divide episode by episode. It has nothing uploaded at the moment as we haven´t started the show. But wait for episodes soon! 😀



October 5, 2009

Yoroshiku! Project will have a new YouTube show now called YOROSHIKU PARTY, it will replace Yoropuro Talk Show however there are alot of original ideas of what will happen in the show 😀

This will be featured in the show:

*Yoropuro Talk

It´s practically the same but now it will be in the show in short segments.

*Yoroshiku! Project Live 2010 Winter GO! GO! GO!

The concert will be broadcasted in this show.  This is the main segment where all the members will make an appereance!

*Pocky Ranking

This will be a top 5 segment of the most popular releases within Yoroshiku! Project.

*Fashion Advice

A YoroPuro member will tell us his/her fashion advice.

*Party Shuffle

Yoroshiku! Project members will be in shuffle units where they´ll sing short versions of songs 😀


KiRiN☆彡 will sing Bravo! Bravo! as the ending song of the show.

YoroPuro Talks! Tracker open^-^

September 25, 2009

Hello everyone!

The good news is that there is now tracker for YoroPuro Talks!

Where you can see archives of old and current episodes of the show.

Linked here